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Texas Stats:

Texas State Facts


Entered Union: Dec. 29, 1845 (28th State)

Organized as republic: 1836

Present constitution adopted: 1876


Fun Facts


State abbreviation/Postal code: Tex./TX

Nickname: The Lone Star State

Origin of name: From the Caddoan word for "ally," used to refer to Spanish-allied Hasinai Confederacy and the area they lived in.

Motto: “Friendship”

Slogan: "The Friendly State"

State symbols:

Bird: Northern mockingbird (1927)

Dog: Blue Lacy (2005)

Fish: Guadalupe bass (1989)

Flying mammal: Mexican free-tailed bat (1995)

Insect: Monarch butterfly (1995)

Large mammal: Texas Longhorn

Reptile: Texas horned lizard (1993)

Shell: Lightning whelk (1987)

Small mammal: Nine-banded armadillo (1927)

Fiber/fabric: Cotton

Flower: Bluebonnets (1901)

Fruit: Texas red grapefruit (1991)

Grass: Sideoats grama (1971)

Nut: Native pecan (1919)

Pepper: Chiltepin

Plant: Prickly pear cactus (1995)

Shrub: Crape myrtle

Tree: Pecan (1964)

Dinosaur: Sauroposeidon

Gem: Texas blue topaz (1969)

Gemstone cut: Lone Star cut

Mineral: Bowenite (1966)

Molecule: Buckyball

Soil: Houston black

Stone: Petrified palmwood

Bread: Pan de campo (2005)

Colors: Red, white, and blue (in state flag)

Dish: Chili (1977)

Folk dance: Square dance (1991)

Instrument: Acoustic guitar

Music: Western swing

Plays: Fort Griffin Fandangle, The Lone Star, Texas, Beyond Sundown

Ship: USS Texas

Song: "Texas, Our Texas" (1929)

Snack: Chips and salsa (1995)

Sport: Rodeo (1997)




Capital: Austin

State website: https://texas.gov/

Governor: Greg Abbott, R (to Jan. 2023)

Lieut. Governor: Dan Patrick, R (to Jan. 2023)

Secy. of State: Carlos Cascos (apptd. by gov.)

Comptroller: Glenn Hegar, R (to Jan. 2023)

Atty. General: Ken Paxton, R (to Jan. 2023)

U.S. Representatives: 36

Senators: John Cornyn, R (to Jan. 2021); Ted Cruz, R (to Jan. 2025)

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Residents: Texan

Resident population: 27,695,284 (2nd Largest State, 2015)

10 largest cities (2010 est.): Houston, 2,099,451; San Antonio , 1,327,407; Dallas, 1,197,816; Austin, 790,390; Fort Worth , 741,206; El Paso, 649,121; Arlington, 365,438; Corpus Christi, 305,215; Plano, 259,841; Laredo, 36,091

Race/Ethnicity: White (71.0%); Black (11.5%); American Indian (0.6%); Asian (2.7%); Other race (11.7%); Two or more races (2.5%); Hispanic/Latino (32.0%). Religion: Protestant (50%); Catholic (23%); No religion (18%); Jewish (1%); Jehovah's Witness (1%); Buddhist (1%) Muslim (1%); Mormon (1%).

Sex: Male (49.6%); Female (50.4%).

Age: Under 18 (27.3%); 18-64 (62.4%); 65 and over (10.3%). Median Age: 33.6

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GDP: 1.7 trillion dollars (2nd in U.S., 2016)

Unemployment: 4.4% (2015)

Overview: Texas is one of the most developed economies in the country; only California has a larger GDP, and only New York and California have more Fortune 500 companies. Texas is the largest exporter of all states, and is a leading producer in all manner of agricultural products from cotton to cattle. Texas also has a large defense and tech industry, as well as aeronautics and filmmaking. The state of Texas alone would be the 10th largest economy in the world.




Land area: 268,581 sq mi (696,241 km2)

Geographic center: In McCulloch Co., 15 mi. NE of Brady

Number of counties: 254

Largest county by population and area: Harris, 4,092,459 (2010); Brewster, 6,193 sq mi.

State forests: 5 (7,314 ac.)

State parks/recreation areas: 115 (600,000+ ac.)



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